What is Tiro?

Your AI Contract Sidekick

Key Features

Tiro excels at inbound contracts (third party paper)

  • Automated review at contract intake
  • Review against your policies
  • Summarise key clauses
  • Contract finalisation using playbook and clause libraries
  • Automated precedent search
  • Risk scoring and reporting
  • Extract and export contract metadata
  • GPT and large language models integration (optional)
  • Analytics on executed contracts


Almost anyone can use Tiro

  • Legal and contract management teams
  • Sales and procurement teams
  • Risk managers
  • Platforms & Applications
  • Small business managers
  • Freelancers / Sole-traders

Users can access Tiro in their existing platform or environment, our MS Word addin or our web app.

Value Proposition

Let Tiro do the heavy lifting

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Contract Acceleration
  • Risk Reduction
  • Wellbeing
  • Empowerment

ChatGPT in Tiro

The cutting edge Large Language Model is now featured in Tiro for ...

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Use-cases of Tiro

Tiro works across the whole contract lifecycle


Contract Intake and Triage

Contract Intake and Triage

Contract Intake and Triage

Make Tiro the first pair of eyes on the contract.  Set-up your own business rules and connect Tiro to your contract intake or legal front door platform.   Have Tiro approve low value and low risk contracts in seconds automatically and direct other contracts to legal review, along with a full risk assessment.  Integration with e-signature also possible 


Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Set-up your own business policies and required watch points in a digital checklist. Tiro reviews contracts against the checklist, summarises the key clauses and highlights red flags and inconsistencies with your policies.  Tiro provides everything you need to redline the contract, produce an issues list or list of requested changes or generate a risk report.  Features include playbook guidance, clause libraries and fall back wording, automated precedent search, reporting and data curation. All customisable to your policies


Business Self-Service

Business Self-Service

Business Self-Service

Set-up a business friendly playbook and give your business teams the tools to finalise routine contracts without involving contract specialists.


Risk Scoring, Reporting and Approval

Risk Scoring, Reporting and Approval

Risk Scoring, Reporting and Approval

Contract risks presented in a report, on a dashboard or as structured data in another platform. Contracts can be scored and improvement tracked throughout the negotiation. Contract summaries and risk data extracted at the contract approval stage.

Check out our risk analysis in action in the video below.


Automated Metadata Extraction

Automated Metadata Extraction

Automated Metadata Extraction

Automated extraction of contract metadata and risk data upon signing of the contract. Can be pushed as structured data into a CLM or contract repository.

Click the screenshot below to enlarge.


Post-sign Management

Post-sign Management

Post-sign Management

Executed contract analytics - Q&A on your executed contracts. Intelligent search. Analyse key risks and terms.

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Don’t just take our word for it...
Here’s what our customers have to say.
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"We love the way Tiro reviews inbound contracts against our rules and policies in seconds. It saves significant time on repetitive contract review, empowers our junior lawyers and frees-up our senior ones"

Sawako Ohgi

General Manager
Strategic Legal Unit
JERA & Co, Inc.

"Tiro’s automated review is based around a digital checklist of watch points that closely mirrors the way we review contracts.  It is highly accurate and completely bespoke to our needs"

Victoria Hall-Sturt

Assistant General Counsel
Stantec Inc.

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