Your virtual in-house contract lawyer
Simplifying contract negotiation with intelligent review software. Our powerful AI driven contract analysis engine reads your contract. Smart UI guides you through the review process.
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Free your legal team

Analyse contracts in seconds. Respond in minutes.

Spend your time thinking not reading

Even the most complex contract reviewed in seconds with issues highlighted for you to check and edit.

Leave routine contracts to business teams

Free your legal team to focus on high value work. Everyone works to the same playbook.

Respond efficiently in record time

Precedents and standard language immediately available and inserted with one click. Auto-generate responses as you go.

Why Lexical Labs?


Issues checked, flagged and explained in plain English
See all related and relevant clauses
Search the contract for any topic


Amend the contract with one click
Insert your standard language automatically
Auto-generate your response

Meet The Founders

Liam Gilchrist

Founder & CEO
  • 10+ years global legal experience
  • Herbert Smith Freehills, Ashurst, Radiant Law

Simon Black

  • 25+ years legal experience
  • Ex-Managing Partner of Allen & Overy, Tokyo

Dr William Becker

Founder & CTO
  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence
  • Engineering Lead at Qubit
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