Lightning-fast contracts reviewed by AI and driven by ANYONE

Tiro uses cutting-edge proprietary technology combining deep-learning and logic-based AI to review, risk score and negotiate contracts.  

It works on draft and executed contracts and particularly loves inbound contracts

Tiro in a

Tiro works its magic in seconds

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Almost anyone at any stage of contracting

Lightning-fast contracts reviewed by AI and driven by ANYONE

Tiro uses cutting-edge proprietary technology combining deep-learning and logic-based AI to review, risk score and negotiate contracts.  

It works on draft and executed contracts and particularly loves inbound contracts.


So much more than saved time and money

Our Edge

There are a few contract review solutions on the market, what makes Tiro unique?

Deal with any contract.

Inbound contracts

Tiro is specifically configured for inbound contracts. It understands concepts written in different ways and distinguishes between each party's responsibilities.

Extract the key data and uncover ticking 'bombs' in the bowels of every contract.

Most AI systems, including in CLM platforms, perform poorly on inbound contracts.

Test Tiro for yourself by booking a demo and bringing along your own contract.

Avoid the bombs.

Risk Analysis

Contracts reviewed and risk scored against your rules and policies. Once your contract is uploaded, Tiro works its magic in seconds.

Before you’ve grabbed your coffee, Tiro has extracted the key terms, summarised them and presented all the red flags and key risks. This can be done against your organisation’s own rules and policies (or industry standards if you prefer).

Access this analysis as data accessible in any platform, a risk report or in the document directly.

Simplified negotiation.

Contract Finalisation

Easy and quick contract finalisation. Tiro has everything you need to respond on a contract - guidance on all the issues, standard wording and clause libraries, and AI guided precedent search.

No more manual searching for that clause negotiated with the same customer previously or that great bit of drafting you did 3 years ago!

Do you prefer responding to the other party by ‘redlining’ the contract or creating a list of requested changes? Tiro can help you do both.

Rid the repetition.


Tiro automates the boring, repetitive but important stuff in the contract.

This frees you up for the essence of the contract - the business and personal relationships that underpin it.

These relationships are beautiful and the lifeblood of enterprises.

Unlocking value in your contracts


Tiro converts contracts into data. Imagine being able to know instantly:

  • which contracts need legal review and which can be handled by the business team
  • how contracts improve between first and last draft - how much value is added by the legal or business team
  • are your contracting policies fit for purpose? Do you spend unnecessary time and money negotiating clauses that aren't important in practice?
  • what exposure is there in your executed contracts to specific risks
  • how contract risks play out in practice
  • how to plan contract renewals and up-sales
  • how to cross sell in the company
  • potential revenue leakage - what price adjustments exist in your contracts
Time is money

Save up to 75% of time reviewing and redlining draft contracts.

Save up to 90% of the time to produce a risk report or contract summary.

Contract Acceleration

By reducing the bottlenecks, Tiro accelerates contracting and revenue - by up to 5% of the contract value.

Risk Management

‘Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing’ - Warren Buffet

Execute contracts within approved risk tolerances - consistently.

Extract data on risks for the purposes of contract approval and delivery.

Wellbeing & Empowerment

Paralegals can be the heroes they are.

Free-up senior lawyers and contract managers for strategic tasks.

Empower business managers to execute contracts approved by Tiro.

What makes Tiro unique?

Our Edge

AI contract review systems have often disappointed compared to their hype.
Tiro is unique in a number of ways.

Works in your environment

Full integration into MS Teams, SharePoint, Word and other MS apps.

MS Word add-in allows full range of review, redlining and reporting directly from a contract in MS Word.

Direct integration into contract intake platforms, allowing automated contract triage.

Transfer risk insights and contract meta data in to any platform of your choice: including contract management, supplier management, CRM and matter management

You control

Simple user interface putting you in control

Decide on your workflow.

Push data into other systems, create risk reports, redline clauses, generate lists of requested changes, and gather deep analytics.

Reads the whole contract

Tiro reads contract definitions, clauses and schedules together and understands exceptions.

Most AI systems can spot a cap on liability. Tiro also flags the party and the exceptions.

Roles of parties

Tiro works out the role of each party.

This is crucial in understanding YOUR responsibilities and rights.

Have you retained or given away YOUR IP?

Working with some incredible partners.

Summary of Tiro’s power and potential.
Key Features of
Microsoft Word Add-on
You don’t need to go anywhere! Access Tiro directly in Microsoft Word.
Fully-featured Web App
Available online for our full feature set and document storage.
Workflow Integrations
Integrations with other major platforms: CLM, Vendor Management, Teams, HighQ & Sharepoint.
Customisable Issue Lists
Issues lists tailored to your needs.
Automated Contract Reports
Tiro will create a fully editable and customisable report on every contract.
Analytics Reports
Tiro’s analysis (including key contract meta data and risk scoring) can be exported in a machine readable form to other platforms.
Risk Dashboard
See the risks across your contract estate at a glance.
Concept Comparison
Compare the risk positions of multiple versions of the same contract.
Intelligent Search
Search all your contracts by concepts and risks.
Lexical Insight
Deep AI-driven analysis on key clauses and risks in your contract.
My Clauses
Your favourite clauses are right there whenever you are editing an issue.

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